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Open Water & Rooms Kitchens

Taking a passion for creating amazing spaces and applying it in the digital world.

The Background

Rooms Kitchens has been helping customers create homes they love for nearly 40 years. In keeping with their expertise in taking spaces and bringing a sense of style and modernity to them, they decided that they should take a look at their own digital space and approached Open Water to help with the design. The launch of a new website was to be followed up with a series of magazine advertisements.

The Brief

During our workshops with Rooms it became very clear that they are incredibly passionate about making the most of the space that people have available and seeing their customer's ideas blossom into reality. We were asked to convey this through the website and to find a way to highlight the real world work that Rooms carries out without relying on stock images that can typically be found on most websites of this type.

The Solution

The first thing we looked at was the way in which Rooms spoke about what they do. We introduced a 'love' theme to be used in the copy throughout the site. This was employed to convey the real passion of the company for not only what they do but how they do it, particularly when dealing with customers and their ideas. We took that relationship with their customers and used it to verify that Rooms' claims were genuine and not just 'marketing speak'. We did this through creating a 'Real Rooms' section on the site that highlights previous projects and contains testimonials and reviews from happy customers. To tie in with the concept of taking ideas from their early stages and seeing them through to becoming real, we created illustrations that showed the different stages of Rooms' process. These were an analogy for that early stage where nothing is real yet but you maybe have a sketch on paper or in your head. Shortly after a successful launch of the website we took the concepts that had worked so well and employed them in magazine advertisements. The 'love' theme in particular proved very effective with potential customers when used in the main messaging, supported by the image style we created for the website.




What we Did

Bespoke Website Design
Fully Responsive Build
Brand Development
Hand Drawn Illustrations
Social Media Branding
Print Application

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