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Open Water & Moët Hennessy

Presenting world famous brands with a design style you can almost taste.

The Background

With over 60 of the world's most prestigious brands, Moët Hennessy are global leaders in luxury. Their champagnes, wines and spirits are benchmarks of quality within their categories, so to give their commercial customers the chance to experience their full portfolio of brands and to try their latest products; they run an annual tasting event.

The Brief

A visual identity was needed for the annual autumn tasting event that reflected the brand and values of Moët Hennessy, without focusing on one product category. A design which could present and champion world famous brands such as Moët & Chandon, Krug and Glenmorangie as well as being distinctive in its own right.

The Solution

Tastes and experience were the key themes that were common to all of the brands and also reflected the nature of the event. We developed a taste ribbon which wraps and winds its way around a bottle shape, exploding out of the top. The ribbon is made up of elements and flavours from the tasting notes; peaches, pears, cherries, grapes and oak all blend together to meander and explode through the designs. Colours, including rich reds, warm honey, burnt oranges and deep plums, were taken from the whiskeys and cognacs, connecting the drinks themselves with the autumn theme. Save the dates, invites and the tasting notes brochure all feature the illustrations giving the whole event a cohesive and engaging style.




What we Did

Event Branding
Tasting Brochures
Save The Dates