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New Branding As Business Goes Global

The Background

Bovill are specialist financial services regulatory consultants, that helps organisations to manage their regulatory responsibility and to help them stay on the right side of the law, in what can be a very complex regulatory environment. The business has grown in both reputation and size since its inception in London in 1999, with founder, Ben Blackett-Ord, leading the business into global expansion and new offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Chicago.

The Brief

We were approached by Bovill who were looking for a branding agency to help them develop their branding to better suit their new global status. Although the existing branding was well liked there wasn’t enough depth to the branding to bring the most out of their communications and create a strong brand identity as they move into new regions. The brief was not for a rebrand but to clarify their position and bring their branding to life, to create a deeper set of brand assets that would help them develop a clear and strong brand voice.

The Solution

As a brand expanding and moving into a new phase in it’s growth, it was important that any branding work that was carried out was built on a clear understanding of who Bovill are and what had lead to their successes to date. During branding discovery workshops with staff and senior management we found that there were several ideas as to what Bovill’s value was for their clients. To provide some clarity around these questions we carried out a series of brand insight interviews with existing clients, previous clients and potential clients. These responses were incredibly insightful, confirming some existing thinking and throwing up some surprises. With this new insight we were able to recommend a brand strategy, clarify brand values, brand personality and adjust some of the language used to describe Bovill. 

Some of the surprising insight that came from the initial branding research and insight phase was focused on the people at Bovill. It was clear that the people at Bovill and the culture and diversity within the business was greatly valued by their clients. This focused the thinking and branding strategy for the creative work that was carried out. The existing logo and primary assets were retained with tweaks to provide a more harmonious colour palette and an image style that included groups of people not just individuals. We then introduced a new set of bespoke grammar glyphs to use alongside quotes and statements from Bovill that would give their thought leadership a distinctive style of its own. A brand voice. 

To compliment these primary brand assets we developed a modular illustration style that was designed to show the process and culture behind the people at Bovill. Although visually engaging, the illustrations were also part of a strategic decision to show that the great people at Bovill were part of a culture and process that helped them to be, great. The modular illustration style also allows Bovill to build branded illustrations in house, giving them a limitless library of branding imagery that can be used to illustrate some difficult concepts. This has enabled them to use less generic stock imagery and to consistently communicate in a tone and style that is distinctively theirs. 

The tweaking of current branding and the introduction of new brand assets has enabled Bovill to transform their branding to suit their new global circumstances without the need for a full rebrand. They now have a cohesive and strong brand personality that gives them more authority and ownership of their opinions and expertise as well as their marketing. The new branding makes it clear to potential and current clients that Bovill is a brand that has a process that consistently develops experts that they can trust and will enjoy working with wherever they are in the world.



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