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Open Water & Global Payments (Campaign Branding)

Distinguishing an industry leader with a vibrant campaign that is good enough to eat.

The Background

The Restaurant Show is one of the highlights of the hospitality calendar as it brings together some of the industry’s biggest names and hundreds of suppliers from around the country. As such, the number of payment technology services who exhibit at the show has grown immensely over recent years and standing out has become a real necessity. Global Payments, one of the world’s leading payment technology providers, asked us to create a campaign and stand for them that would highlight their services and give them a must-stop destination, that visitors and exhibitors wouldn’t be able to help talking about.

The Brief

With a show such as this, the needs of the visitors can vary greatly, so it was important to convey the wide range of services that Global Payments offer without diluting the perceived strength of any one of them. In an environment where they would be literally surrounded by their competitors, they wanted to quickly highlight the idea that they offer multiple services through one terminal, a simple solution that is easy to understand and use. For those visitors who would be looking for several different payment solutions, we had to ensure that they understood that Global Payments’ terminal was flexible enough to do anything they required. 

The Solution

Taking inspiration from the nature of the show itself and the inevitable visual feast of food imagery that the stand would find itself in, we created the ‘one box solution’ concept. This draws a parallel between the way that several ingredients come together to make something special and the way that the many services that Global Payments offer come together in one terminal.

This approach was both scenario and product focused so as to not only have a wide appeal but to really speak to the specific needs of anyone viewing it. We took a ‘top down’ approach to the style to create a perspective that suggests everything being in one box. We used this view to show the vital ingredients that go into the end product, be it a cocktail, meal, or payments solution terminal. This coming together of ingredients reflects the service that a Global Payments customer should expect and the easy, playful style of the imagery suggests the simplicity and stress-free process behind the use of the product.

We created a set of stylised, bespoke icons that reflected the friendly, easy-going tone of the campaign. These were prominent throughout the whole spectrum of material that we produced for the campaign, including HTML emails, press ads, web banner images, and the show brochure ad.

Over the three days of the show, the stand proved to be an incredible success. The Global Payments team were very happy with the result and reported to us that they had received a huge amount of positive feedback about it from visitors. Perhaps the biggest indicator that the stand was a success is that we were given reports of several Global Payments’ competitors taking photos of the stand and asking who had designed it. It looks like we’re going to have more competition next year but we’re looking forward to rising to the challenge once more!



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Open Water & Global Payments (Exhibition Stand)

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