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Open Water & Global Payments (SAYE Scheme)

Creating a share save scheme highlighting the investment opportunities available to employees.

The Background

With over 4,500 employees worldwide, Global Payments, wanted to create a share scheme that engaged with their employees and communicated the real world benefits of investing in Global Payments. 

The Brief

The SAYE scheme is designed to work over several years. Each year offers the opportunity for new investment as well as for maturing previous investments. This cyclical nature was central to the brief, each year the design needed to develop and change whilst keeping its core concept and styling.

The Solution

As a metaphor for the SAYE scheme we created a magic garden which grows and flourishes each year. Each year we create new plants and trees to plant in the garden, with people and animals enjoying them. The illustrations wind through spreads and layouts in an endless summer as the scheme develops and matures. Beautifully trimmed topiary is used to show the things that your investment could lead to, from cameras and iPads to cars and houses.

Like the scheme itself the format has developed over time, now using interactive pdfs and screen graphics rather than printed brochures. The scheme has been a great success winning the ifs ProShare Awards Best Share Save Plan when it was launched and we have since produced Cantonese versions of the documents for Hong Kong.




What we Did

Campaign Brand Style
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