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Open Water & East Kent College

Bringing a beautiful digital design to the beautiful game

The Background

East Kent College Football Club play in Broadstairs, Kent. They have many different age groups under their banner in order to allow as many people as possible to enjoy football at all levels. 

The Brief

At the end of their first season, East Kent College FC had won an impressive treble and wanted to demonstrate their on-pitch ambitions through their off-pitch presence. Open Water was asked to design and build a dedicated website for the college’s football academy which would be used to convey latest news, results, team and player statistics, and much more to engage with their fans and get more people involved with the teams.

The Solution

Open Water created a mobile responsive website to act as a focal point for all team members, management and supporters of the East Kent College football academy. Incorporating the College’s colour palette alongside football imagery brought a fresh and vibrant feel to the content, whilst subtle football tactic graphics were added to bring structure to the users experience.




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