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Open Water & Riverside

Brand transformation for a nationwide consultant

The Background

Riverside is an independent consultancy, who specialise in the exposure monitoring of hazards such as asbestos, legionella, dust, fumes and solvents, along with providing safety and awareness training.

After a successful takeover in 2015, by directors Chris and Jonathan, Riverside decided that they needed to develop their brand to reflect their new direction, as well as celebrate their successes so far.

The Brief

Riverside wanted to develop their visual identity, making it more contemporary and better reflective of their values, personality and the type of business they are. To support this identity they wanted to explore new ways to talk about themselves and the services they offer. 

The new owners had worked within the company for many years so were very aware that so much of the successful history of Riverside was owed to the staff and management. It was important to them that the new brand reflected the work and values of the staff, and that everyone in the company should be able to use the rebrand as a tool for continuing to offer outstanding work. This meant that we had to create an event for Riverside to launch their new brand to all employees, as well as a staff engagement process that would be used as a framework for ensuring the brand continued to reflect the staff and the staff continued to reflect the brand.

The Solution

After a series of workshops we drew out the values that Riverside has been working to, but not always expressing in its brand. We investigated the personality that the company conveys to their clients through their working practices and how that fits with their ambitions.

From this information we produced a Mission Statement to be used internally and externally. The internal version was to be used to keep everyone focused on the company’s values and show how they relate to their clients. The external one was used as the basis for web copy and making a statement to clients about what they could expect from working with Riverside. The mission we developed with Riverside was ‘Protecting People’, something that is reflected through the business from their staff, through to their customers.

The original intention was to evolve the branding by updating existing elements, whilst creating new brand assets to build a more cohesive package. During the strategy development it became clear that the current logo just wasn’t reflective of their new position, so this also formed part of the rebrand too. A custom type based logo was created which was more ‘consultant’ than the previous ‘contractor’ style logo. The logo is also flexible whereby it can stack into a vertical format, that includes a selection of values and propositions delivering what the brand stands for with creativity and clarity. A new set of colours and typeface were chosen to create a more professional style. Alongside these primary assets we also developed a range of wider assets, including unique icons that give them a range of graphics that can be used in their materials and the Riverside ‘particles’; circles which visualize the often invisible elements that Riverside monitor for their customers. Commissioning Adam Bronkhorst to spend a day shooting staff in different scenarios rounded off the assets, ensuring imagery shows the reality of the business and it’s service.

To take the new branding into the day to day of the business, physical implementation of the new brand was applied, from uniforms to mugs, vehicles to chocolates. Even the office interiors were reimagined with the new values and brand style in mind. Colours and type were introduced into working spaces and thought libraries created as break out areas to encourage development and allow Chris and Jonathan to share some of their favourite books. 

For the launch of the new brand, we devised an event that would be put on for the staff across all sites and then repurposed for rolling out to existing clients. This included producing various branded items that would be used by the company, including sign-written vehicles, work shirts, stationery, etc. as well as the presentation itself, which was designed to let everyone know how included they were in the direction the rebrand had taken. Very often at these events, staff are left wondering what a rebrand has to do with them and end up feeling very disengaged. The presentation we devised was structured to tell the story of the company and where the staff fit into it; crediting them for the values of the rebrand and showing them how they will be able to work with them in the future. This would include things like regular meetings between staff and management to discuss new ideas, in particular, how the company can improve their service around their specific values.



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