Eight Twitter Accounts To Follow If You’re A Designer

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Your Twitter feed offers you useful news updates, opportunities, and even inspiration. Here are a few of our favourite accounts to follow if you are a designer…

If you‘re like me, you wake up and one of the first things you do is grab your phone and scroll through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. These days, having a scroll through your social media feeds is as much part of the morning routine as taking a shower or eating your breakfast . This isn’t procrastination…all the time! Your Twitter feed offers you useful news updates, opportunities, and even inspiration. Here are a few of our favourite accounts to follow if you are a designer…

Fabio Sasso: @abduzeedo

Once run solely by independent designer and blogger, Fabio Sasso, ABDZ (or abduzeedoo, Portuguese for ‘abducted’) has since grown into a larger blog written by various contributors.  ABDZ regularly posts about various aspects of design, including photography, graphic design, typography, articles and interviews with other designers.

Designers & Books: @designersbooks

Are you into reading something with a little more depth? Articles are all very well, but they only give you an overview of any given subject. Enter Designers & Books: a Twitter feed that will set you up with the most beautiful and inspirational books on design. If you love books as much as you love design, then this is an essential follow.

Tongue-tied: @translationsTT

Tongue Tied is a great resource for languages. It is a translating and interpreting service, but its Twitter feed also offers articles in foreign idioms, the influence of other languages on English, the possibility of animal languages and many other fascinating subjects which are incredibly useful to anyone who works with words. It also frequently posts amusing mistranslations (anyone for some ‘tasteless coffee’?), and that’s a good enough reason to give them a follow in my book.

Jacob Cass: @justcreative

Jacob is a graphic designer and founder of the blog Just Creative, which contains articles on web design tips, courses to progress your skill set and career, as well as articles on how to improve your creativity in general. Jacob shares these articles on his Twitter, as well as articles from other writers in the design and creative world.

Talenthouse: @talenthouse

For some simple, visual inspiration, check out Talenthouse. Talenthouse showcases all sorts of visual art, from graffiti and tattoos to photoshop wizardry and smoothie art (yes, really). To upgrade your Twitter feed with some fantastic art, give Talenthouse a follow.

Design Museum: @designmuseum

Design Museum offers an incredible look into the history of all kinds of design. It shares locations, news, articles and events about the history of creative subjects as diverse as architecture, art, fashion, graphics and product design. This is definitely one to follow if you’re interested in the history of design.

Creative Bloq: @creativebloq

The Creative Bloq Twitter is largely a curated selection of what appears on the Creative Bloq website. There is a huge variety of inspiration, advice, news and reviews in all manner of design subjects – helpfully divided into categories such as web design, illustration, typography, digital art, etc. This means that there is something for any designer on their Twitter. Their reviews for various tools and gadgets, from brushes to software, are particularly helpful.

WebDesignerMag: @webdesignermag

This one is obviously specifically for web designers. Primarily a bi-monthly web design magazine, Web Designer Mag also collates articles from lots of other design Twitters which are relevant to web designers and showcases them in its Twitter feed. Give this one a follow for web design related articles, tips and tricks.