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It's in the context of this nurturing culture that we offer our current design internship opportunity.

Philip Hansen, Creative Director


We recently gave our top tips for graduating design students exhibiting at the D&AD New Blood show. Tip number 11 was 'DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR AN OPPORTUNITY', so it would be a bit remiss of us to not have any opportunities available.

Part of our ambition to be admired as an agency, is to develop young talent, sharing our experience and opportunities, to give them a chance to flourish. As part of this we run internships and work experience placements throughout the year, give mock interviews and work with local colleges and employment charities to help young people gain the experience and understanding they need to make the next steps.


It's in the context of this nurturing culture that we offer our current paid design internship opportunity. Our internships give lots of practical, hands on experience in a busy studio, we believe in testing your metal and that the only real way to develop is to get your hands dirty. We have a very flat, collaborative structure in a friendly, relaxed environment, which means working alongside our team on live projects which can range from full branding/rebranding systems to animations, websites, campaigns and concept creation.

You certainly won't just be making tea, although you will also be making tea. You'll work hard and have a lot of fun!

If this sounds like an opportunity that you would jump at, you'll need to show us evidence of what you can do, the kind of attitude that gets things done and the desire to keep on learning and improving. 

Other than that, just ask.

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